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Play Away Day Nursery

From 3 months to Pre-school

Age Groups

The nursery has several rooms split by age. Once your child joins Play Away, we will commence an EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Learning Journey. This is an ongoing record of their uniqueness. It provides a summative account of a child’s progress within our setting. The Learning Journey captures new learning as is occurs and helps staff to plan for a child’s individual needs and next steps. We will of course share our gathered information with other providers should your child attend more than just our setting.

The Jelly Babies 0 - 2 ½ years

The baby units at Play Away have been specifically designed to meet the needs of your growing baby and our qualified staff are dedicated to helping your baby through the journey from crawler to walker.
The specially chosen toys and equipment in the baby rooms will help your baby grow into an inquisitive and confident learner.
The baby units are split into four distinct areas: an area for babies and crawlers; an area for toddlers and walkers; a light, sensory, sleep room and a fully fitted baby changing room. Each baby room also has access to the their own safe outside play area.


The Jelly Bears & Tots 2 ½ - 3 ½ years

Our qualified and motivated staff will make sure your child's transition from the Baby Rooms to the Jelly Bears and Tots Rooms is a smooth and calm experience. Our Jelly Bears Room is a wonderful extension of the baby unit. Now confident toddlers, our Jelly Bears take part is a wide range of activities ranging from messy play, dance and movement, through to racing around outside, art and story time. Where appropriate and with guidance from their parents, our Jelly Bears will begin potty training and other independent skills such as using a spoon and fork.
The Jelly Tots room is a busy haven for busy explorers. The toys and equipment in these rooms allow for the growing independence of your two year old and their emerging personality. Whether learning to use a computer through a well chosen range of educational software titles, or by taking an active role in story time, our Jelly Tots play a keen and active part in the nursery environment. It is generally within our Jelly Tots Room that children will develop independent skills such as toileting, choosing their own snack and which toys and activities to play with.

The Jelly Beans 3 ½ to Pre-school

Forming strong friendships, exploring, listening and learning—these are just some of the experiences your pre-school child will enjoy in our Jelly Beans Room.
The staff constantly update their skills and knowledge through training to ensure your child gets the most out of their time with us.
Through open access to computers, books and equipment, your emerging pre-schooler will make the journey from nursery to school with independence and confidence.